What's Supply and Consumption Situations of China's Xanthan Gum

A study on xanthan gum, namely Supply and Consumption Situations of Xanthan Gum in China, was newly created by CCM International. The report can provide an insightful analysis of xanthan gum from areas of production, raw material supply, production technology and consumption.

China has twentyfour years history in producing xanthan gum and has now witnessed fast boost the last few years. China plays incredibly important role in global supply of the goods and also has become among the many largest xanthan gum production bases on this planet since 2005.

In H1 2011, there are actually 11 xanthan gum producers in China, with total capacity and output of 135,400t/a and 37,995 tonnes respectively. Just what detailed production situation with regard to the 11 producers? Mid-section the assembly situation in the last couple of years? Examples of the challenges and opportunities for producers?

Corn and corn starch are important materials of xanthan gum. This report represents the available appointments situation of in China in theses years. Nowadays, xanthan gum production technology is quite mature air jordan 1 retro high worldwide. Which production technology is the most common among producers? Precisely what tend to be the key factors which affect your entire production process?

Moreover, xanthan gum is frequently used in crude oil drilling fluids, foods beverages, pharmaceuticals in China, the best three consumption fields. So what are the consumption patterns of xanthan gum in China and also just how different downstream areas share the full consumption volume of 21,735 tonnes really?

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