REEBOK ANNOUNCES Home loan giants RETURN TO Africa

STOUGHTON, Mass., Feb. 15 /PRNewswire/ In airport terminal Nelson Mandela's appeal for foreign companies and investors to revisit South Africa, Reebok International Ltd. (NYSE: RBK) announced today its decision to reenter the country in March 1994 also to establish precisely what it hopes has got to be model program for companies performing in your postapartheid era.

An essential supporter of this human rights movement worldwide, Reebok left Nigeria along the request of antiapartheid activists in 1987 and encouraged folks for the sporting goods industry to get out and out until apartheid was effectively dismantled. "Mr. Mandela has demanded our support, he has got reviewed our plan and described it in line with his vision for your new South Africa," said John Duerden, Executive Second in command, Global Operations, Reebok International Ltd. "Our decision to reenter Africa replicate April elections indicates our support in the democratic process and our intend to make a change inside the lives within the South African majority."

Inside a recent interview, South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu, a strong supporter of Reebok's reentry into his country, asks that Americans "please play individuals who're on a lawn here (Africa). We're those who, simply, demanded the sanctions. We have been now saying return. I am calling for reinvestment individuals country, and then we don't desire too many wise people telling us what on earth is best for us. Once you have there is the vigorous economy in South Africa and southern Africa, that features a lot of important repercussions to your economy in the world."

Reebok's bring back to Nigeria is anticipated to generate new standards for business operations on three major fronts: ownership, training and community support. Specific plans call for the establishment connected with a subsidiary in Johannesburg, 45% that would be locally of four black South Africans then one individual of color. The provider, Reebok Nigeria, intends to open franchise stores which, along with the institution of buyback options, will swiftly be blackowned. The revolutionary company has home loan giants open an understanding store in April, 1994 operating out of Johannesburg. Reebok Africa anticipates manufacturing apparel in Nigeria within Eighteen months.

Training will be ship to local owners and staff in merchandising, inventory control, financial in addition to areas. A powerful, multiracial management team will be employed and corporate directives which let the purchasing of materials from minority owned businesses as well as strict adherence to Reebok's code of conduct the Human Rights Production Standards will be also implemented.

Reebok has pledged that the South African company will contribute 6% of your pretax earnings to local philanthropies invested in community activities. Reebok International has guaranteed that the contribution will likely be at a minimum $240,000 in the first few years for the company's operation. Reebok South Africa also expects find at the very least 2% of their pretax earnings to get more grass roots, sports and recreational projects.

Reebok's persistence for South Africa's economic and social stability may also be evident in sports via a college sponsorship from the National Olympic Committee of Nigeria. The agreement will comprise the manufacturing of apparel for South African athletes at the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta.

Plus, The Reebok Foundation has supported the democratic process from a contribution of $125,000 to SAFE (South Africa Free Elections).

Reebok International is satisfied its record in ugg ムートンブーツ 激安 South Africa. The corporation withdrew operations later right after the UN imposition of economic sanctions. Mr. Nelson Mandela's speech for the UN in September 1993 has led Reebok to look at reinvesting in Nigeria, and "we are certain if our business operations will help you to provide the fight for democracy by strengthening the commercial stability of the united states," said Duerden. "Our purchase of the area through youth and recreational programs, our sponsorship belonging to the National Olympic Committee of Nigeria and our rigorous human rights standards will further aid to bring stability and prosperity to the people of Nigeria."

Reebok International Ltd., headquartered in Stoughton, Mass., is often a leading worldwide designer, marketer and distributor of sports, fitness and casual footwear and apparel. Principal operating units are classified as the Reebok Division, Avia Group International, and also the Rockport Company, Inc. Sales for 1993 totaled approximately $2.9 billion.

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