David Gille tries to explain the collapse

Major hedge funds pulled the trigger today to sell TVIX however, boost that being said it's still possible trading about 1520% above its NAV so not necessarily much has evolved with regards to premium to the actual value a lot more the trading developed today. Correctly to remain to say no considerably more it would be required to shed more NAV or it may lose all premium and equalize while using NAV though in accordance with its history this is not likely. The original real question is why did the hedge funds wait until today without having to offer it yesterday or perhaps the day before if the NAV had already dropped so much. Do they need to give some One day notice before a significant liquidation or what?

No, the important question is why did we ugg 安い continue buying TVIX once we received the prospectus from your respective brokers. Simple. Over the past weekend Someone said on Seeking Alpha it's trading tight to it's NAV and why. Yesterday the $VIX was down a little but VXX and UVXY were down hard again. Think it is a fantastic sign that TVIX didn't loose as much but noticed that the premium to it's NAV was probably a whole lot of larger. Thought we would sell all of my TVIX by the end of yesterday by using a very small profit. Saw the $VIX up premarket and TVIX and was kicking myself today to have sold. By the end of today I got feeling better. I only wish I saw it done the pairs trade i had contemplated: long UVXY and short TVIX. Those that took benefit from that arbitrage made out rather handsomely today.

Need a little help. Long time investor in stocks since 1987. Trying something new that I really never understand and could requires stayed out, the VXX. From advice Individuals 100 shares yesterday when it hit a 52 week low and on Friday got 100 more shares may become hit another 52 week low. Now usually you are aware that works sometimes http://vertexjo.com/include/main.php?q=119 really well with higher stocks. Now my questions are: Like stocks what exactly is purchase more using a reasonable decline in price, sell and grab out, hold http://unipaints.com/Include/main.asp?q=97 what I got, day trade this product, or switch to another product. Now all of you that commented ahead of me seem to have great experience and general knowledge through these styles of product as well as advice will be greatly appreciated. Yup, cut in half. Usually do not hold a Vix product for over a day, for ones 'Vixen' usually stays in her burrow a considerably long time. Years. And all the while 'decay' is working against you, driving you to zero. Put your money to increase use. Perk

An advanced long time investor since 1987, you must be doing very well to definitely be in the. In case you're vol fan and haven't won jack fifty percent decades, so you discover the thought that it doesn't matter what much money is allocated to shady coaches and bribing recruits, that no stoploss order on the planet stops an 11game losing streak to Alabama and Florida from continuing ad infinitum, you can also find a totally kinds of pain that can not be relieved regardless of types of fortune you will make trading the markets. Best of luck!

Nolessince87: Yes, I actually have done very, potentially thanks a ton. Normally i hate to start up this great a way to converse with my many friends and a lot of powerful good investor with helpd me out since March 9 2009 to search for this sorry comment that you simply wrote at 12:51 AM. If you'd have got moments to examine my bio so that you can fired off that insult you are going to observed that I am even from Tennessee and Vol Fan has nothing related to Tennessee football. Look lets achieve this. Only mentioned where I lived you will, but maybe not, could possibly be surely ashamed that you will wrote the things you just produced. My closest know who My organization is where I live as well as what Utilized right after i had a regular pay check. I'll allow the chips to overcome you after i really should focus my day on endeavoring to help others as well as perhaps plainly have plenty of time help myself. Please make sure to don't forget this is actually a solid financial websites your comments were intended I do believe more for CBS Sportsline. If you want to capture me on in doing my outdoor area. GAME ON!