Hi TSF!!!

Well hello all suby fans glad I could find a forum that is full of so many people. I have been given the task to find out what Subaru owners want on there cars.

I figured instead of making a whole new thread I would just state what I have so far here. My name is Adam and our company is C & C CarWorx hence my user name. If you would like to see our site and what we have to offer for the cars right now you can over Here otherwise I need to know from owners what is the biggest item that you want to have on your Subaru that you can't get right now. Off the top of my head some accessories that we offer are license frame covers for the front bumper, Wind Visors, panted and unpainted body side moldings, and even Bluetooth adapters for phones. Again for the full line hit the website up. I Hope to hear from you guys and gals soon and hope we have something you are looking for.

Again the site is this: C & C CarWorx

P.S. I hope I'm not braking any rules for the forum I read the rules and couldn't find anything saying I couldn't talk about my site but if I am sorry and of course I understand if an admin. deletes the thread.