Remington Pocketknife Information

With a lot of Europe in ruins, including factories in Germany and England, the Remington Company recognized the talents of outofwork cutlery makers from Sheffield, England and Solingen, Germanyareas renowned for highquality cutlery productionand brought it to its new knife factories in the united states in 1919 within the early 1920's.

By having a experienced team leading design and production, Remington were left with famous comprising the bullet knife. Named following the bulletshaped cartridge about the handle, the knife was really a best seller for any company. Early bullet knives are highly sought by collectors.

Over time, Remington looked at different knife styles. In 1982 Remington relaunched the favorite bullet knife line to encourage two new rifles, the Model Four and Model Six. Following old model, the reproductions アグ ムートンブーツ were alike in most way except the blade metal and handle material. The modern bullet knife now uses stainless steel in any DuPont Delrin handle.