Freight Management and Alert Capabilities Help Footwear Manufacturer Meet Requirements and Increase Performance

ATLANTA Leading supply chain solutions provider, Manhattan Associates Manhattan Associates is often a supply chain safes provider. Rrt had been founded in 1990 in Manhattan Beach, California from which it borrows its name. The company has actually been headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, since 1995 and operates offices across the world. , Inc. promote for overthecounter securities. Established in 1971 through National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD), NASDAQ is usually an automated quotation system that reports on : MANH MANH Manhattan Associates, Inc. (stock symbol) ), has deployed different parts of its Integrated Logistics Solutions(TM) achievable Balance Running shoe An athletic shoe is mostly a generic reputable name for a shoe meant for sporting and workout routines, and it's different however you like and build than just a dress shoe. Originally named sporting apparel, today they may be named casual footwear. Nike is live with the production chain execution capabilities of Manhattan Associates' Warehouse Management, Transportation Management and also gratification Management solutions rolling around in its Boston site, and it's really implementing Manhattan Associates' Slotting Optimization solution likewise.

"The months right after the implementation represented by far the most productive periods we've had at our Lawrence, Mass., facility due to the fact opened in 1997," said Armand Teixeira, New Balance's distribution manager. "Manhattan Associates' extensive familiarity with the footwear business and then the deep functionality of your solutions helped to make this project a great success. Its solutions' builtin integration capabilities and skill to compliment high numbers of automation were vital factors of our own implementation."

Manhattan Associates' retail compliance guarantee would have been a key feature kids Balance, supplier to retailers across the country. With Manhattan Associates' Warehouse Management solution, Nike can match the specific guidelines belonging to the Top players retailers for shipping and content labels, VICS VICS Vehicle Information and Communication SystemVICS Virtual Institute of Caribbean Studies

VICS Voluntary Interindustry Communications Standards standards, LTL/TL shipping manifests and printed documents. The retail compliance guarantee also includes new and emerging RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) A knowledge collection technology which utilizes electronic tags for storing data. The tag, referred to as an "electronic label," "transponder" or "code plate," consist of an RFID chip mounted on an antenna. standards.

Manhattan Associates' transportation functionality to become a differentiator. New Balance may reduce freight charges, eliminate back-end processes, reduce labor costs make certain inhouse control to freight bill auditing and payment. With the analysis capabilities and scorecard functionality of Manhattan Associates' Performance Management, New Balance will be able to gather data and compare longterm historical trends and Key Performance Indicators Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are financial and nonfinancial metrics accustomed to quantify objectives to mirror strategic performance of organization. KPIs being used in running a business Intelligence to assess today's state of the particular business and also suggest a procedure. . Nike also will use Performance Management's alerting capabilities to notify users when key events occur.

"Manhattan Associates aids us achieve our goals today, while planning the future," said Teixeira. "We think about always communicate once explore other places and technologies and expand our logistics practices for our operations internationally."

"The combined capabilities of the Warehouse, Transportation and also gratifaction Management solutions might help Nike more speedily and just synchronize See synchronization. and analyze many processes to use supply chain for optimized performance," said Jeff Mitchell Jeffrey Clay Mitchell (born January 29, 1974 in Clearwater, Florida) may be a former American football center who lately played with the Carolina Panthers inside the NFL. He played college football games along at the University of Florida. , Manhattan Associates' executive vp, Americas. "Together, we will assist New Balance that will it maintain its edge against your competitors inside consumer logistics and meet the criteria of today's sophisticated retailers."

About Asics Athletic Shoe, Inc.

Nike, headquartered in Boston, MA, is known as a leading manufacturer of technologically innovative widthsized performance footwear and athletic apparel ladies, men, and children. All the various product categories includes running, walking, cross-training, basketball, tennis, adventure, and youngsters. Dunham joined the revolutionary Balance family in Fall 1998. Dunham is definitely outdoor performance brand renowned for its technologies, innovations and continuing growth of footwear which can be lightweight, comfortable and inspired via the world outside. New Balance acquired the rights with the PF Flyers PF Flyers really are a make of shoes that happen to be currently created by Nike. These folks first created by BF Goodrich in 1937. That were there popularity from the 1950's and 1960's, but lost steam within the 1970's, 80's, and 90's. brand in February 2000. Goodrich Company, PF Flyers was relaunched in Spring 2003 for being an authentic brand of active casual footwear. Aravon(R) comfort performance brand footwear debuted in January 2004 being a unsurpassed combination of fit, comfort, support and type. This chair was created 2004, Nike acquired Warrior Lacrosse Warrior Lacrosse is definitely a manufacturer of lacrosse equipment and apparel serving the area around Warren, Michigan. , well-known as being the world's most innovative manufacturer of lacrosse lacrosse (l ball and goal game usually played outdoors by two multiple 10 players each at a field 60 to 70 yd (54.86 to 64.01 m) カシオ 時計 wide by 110 yd (100.58 m) long. Two goals face one another 80 yd (73. equipment, after introducing the Warrior Burn by Nike lacrosse shoe. Nike Athletic Shoe, Inc. employs greater than 2,600 people around the globe, also in 2004 reported worldwide sales of $1.5 billion.

Manhattan Associates(R) can be described as leading logistics solutions provider. The firm's logistics planning, logistics execution, business intelligence and business process platform capabilities enable its greater than 1200 customers worldwide to increase profitability, performance and competitive advantage.