we have a 98 Impreza Outback with about 125K on it. we got it with around 95K miles on it. have only had a couple of minor issues, but there's some weird things beginning to crop up with the differential, and the "AT OIL TEMP" light keeps blinking a bunch when starting up. so, i'm looking to find some more info on this thing so i can deal with the maintenance and/or repairs i'm seeing coming down the road before too long. i have an Acura Legend that's what mostly gets all my time and attention, but i'm realizing i better get some more info and experience with the Suby as well.

as much as many of my friends over the years have sworn by Subarus, i've also heard they have a reputation for breaking down often. i was reluctant to get one, as i've always bought either Hondas or Toyotas, but my wife wanted an Impreza Outback Sport, so that's what we got. in general i've been pretty happy with it, particularly the all-wheel drive. it rains like crazy here in the winter and it's great to have the feeling of solidity that comes from the all-wheel drive, but i know the downside is the potential for breakdown in the extra components in that system.

glad to be part of this forum.