Hey folks,

I've been drooling over a WRX since the first US version, but I'm gona have to wait a few more years. In the mean time, I'm trading my 15 mpg combined average 08 RAM in for one of 3 new Subies. I've spent the last probably 3 or 4 weeks looking at different vehicles but always come back to wanting a Subaru. I know I want a manual transmission, the problem is that I can't decide between a 5 door Impreza, an Outback or a Forester. Obviously just about anything will be better than what I'm used to driving currently, but until I drive the three I'm driving myself nuts looking at the specs, comparing pricing, wondering if I can get the 2 bigger vehicles in my payment range, and wondering if going smaller for the mileage will be a regret in time compared to going bigger for the shear utility and added comfort. Oh the choices!