Hello Everyone

I am new to AWD cars but have driven manual FWD my whole life. I was very exited to get my new Legacy this year but I just don't seem to be able to get the shifting right.

I asked the only person I know around me, who has a manual Subaru, for advice and I was told that you can't drive AWD cars without burning the clutch. Which left me with more confusion.

When I used to drive FWD cars it was easy to get a smooth but quick shifting. If I try to shift my Legacy quickly but smoothly I usually feel like I am dropping the clutch no mater how smoothly I take the foot off the clutch.

I also heard that these cars have electronic throttle control and you have to give it lots of gas. But giving it lots of gas doesn't make the shifting smoother at all. I guess I am getting frustrated since I drove manuals for over 8 years and all the sudden I feel like I can't drive again.

If any one can give me an advice on how to shift AWD smoothly I will greatly appreciate it.