Hey guys,

New to the forum, just signed up after a terrible experience with Barrie subaru regarding a extended warranty and looking for some help before seeking other means to rectify the situation. Bought a brand new Forester XT manual in 2006 and purchased the Subaru Protection Plan for around $1400. Recently had a repair and called Barrie Subaru to see if it was covered under the plan, they tell me explicitly that I do not have a SPP for my vehicle, I tell them I do, and then send them my copy of the bill. Turns out my vehicle was never insured because the VIN number in the SPP contract was for a outback, which I have never owned, and that I had bought insurance for someone else's car. They filled out the vehicle description in the contract. The contract clearly states that it can be canceled within 60 days the contract of the contract is purchased for "my car", as long as no claims have been made, for a full refund. I asked for my money back. All I got was attitude from the staff at Barrie Subaru and they totally ignored my requests or even attempted to find a solution. All they finally ended up saying was that it was a clerical error and they will activate my insurance now, which expires in four months... any suggestion or similar experiences?