Hello! I have a 96 Subaru Legacy Outback. I had my dad replace the airbags when I got into a fender bender recently. We replaced both airbags and the brain, but the airbag light continues to remain on. I've heard that there may be a sensor in the front bumper? Is this true? Or I've also heard you need to have it reset with a computer... how would I go about doing this?

Alternately, I live in New York State, and I believe it is illegal to have performed the work we did in the first place. Does anyone know if I could bring it to a shop at this point to have the job finished, without being back at square one (having to have mechanics replace the whole system for like two grand)? Or, are there nearby states that I could go to in order to finish the job? Massachusetts, Vermont, Connecticut, wherever.....

Thanks in advance for your help!