hi. the car has 130,000 miles on it incidentally.
i've had this problem for years! but its getting worse. the car runs fine most of the time. about 2 years ago, out of nowhere, the car will not start (or turnover) and the check engine light comes on. when i turn the ignition, its silent almost as though the battery is dead. within 2 to 15 minutes or so, the car starts up normally as though nothing was wrong. this used to be a monthly occurrence. then it became weekly. even worse, now the car seems to have a hard time turning over when the computer finally says its ok to start again (maybe from the wear of constantly having starting problems?). and even worse, its sometimes conks out now when i'm idling and has a hard time restarting (but its always restarted within 30 sec when this has happened).
three mechanics over all this time have not fixed the problem. i believe the check engine light refers to the Oxygen (O2) sensor and sometimes another thing which i can't remember. but replacing the sensors has not fixed the problem. one guy thought the fuel injection system needed cleaning which didn't help. its such a great car but this problem is making me crazy?
any ideas? thanks very much.