New to the forum but allready with some questions...

Im planning on getting a new car since i ve been relocated to switzerland. And my focus is going towards an AWD one because of all the snow and mountains.

I ve been reading some tests and reviews and so far the Legacy seems to do pretty well when it comes to handeling and stability. And it's affordable compared to the BMW's, Mercedes's and others.

My question... Im doing a lot of work and phoning in the car so an automatic gearbox is a must. But i read that the 2008 legacy 2.0R Sportshift only has 4 gears?? Seems a little low, so i'm worried that this will result in a high reving engine at a normal cruise speed of 120 km/h.

Could some of you please give me some more information on this 4 speed gearbox. How does it drive? Are the gears well spread out? Should i be thinking of a 2010 6 speed gearbox instead? Is the 2.0R engine big enough to give the car enough accelerartion?

Thanks for your help guys (and girls),