Hey everyone at the Subaru Forum! Just thought i would say hello and i hope to ask a few questions and then start learning and contributing on the forums right away. I'm a student in college right now and i have never owned a car of my own, besides driving my parents cars around back when i was in high school. I'm fairly mechanically adept and i know everything about internal combustion engines in just about every application except cars (since i never had my own to work on). I have held jobs as a small engine mechanic and motorcycle/ scooter mechanic but haven't yet gotten to cars. I am also a part of the formula car SAE team here at school. But now since I have a job and hope to make some money doing so, i would really like to get a car. I guess you could say i am a bit picky about getting a car of my own though and the question of "What car would i get if i could get?" Has run through my head thousands of times. Its not that i mean to sound snobbish, its just that i never really found a car that fit the fast and sporty look i was going for. Then it came into my head to look for a Subaru! The people across the street from me back home always drove Subarus for as long as i can remember and they always looked like sweet cars to me. I think i finally just put two and two together and i must say that the Subaru Impreza is the best looking car i have seen yet and I can still afford such a car as a college student. Plus these cars hold a lot of similarities with their rally car brethren so they aren't only built tough but they can also be worked on and upgraded really well. So that's pretty much what led me to this page and i really hope someday to own an Impreza and then make some performance mods to make it awesome.