I've had this vehicle for 5 months now and have been experiencing bizarre electrical issues more and more frequently. It's a manual, has 240k, and is equipped with ABS and cruise. It was sans a head unit when I purchased it and the power door locks didn't work, so I assumed they weren't equipped, but everything else worked great.

A few days later, I parked it in a garage and returned after about an hour to find it completely dead; wouldn't even attempt to crank, lights almost imperceptibly illuminated. I ended up pushing it, popping the clutch, and it started right up. Isolated instance, never happened again...

Then the power door locks sprung to life. At first I noticed that the back doors would be locked after I parked and went to open them. Shortly thereafter, the spontaneous fits of clicking began emitting from the lower rightmost side of the dash coinciding with the door lock actuators firing in the back seat. Completely erratic. It occurred while I was driving, sometimes getting in the triggered it, while other times I could hear it going as I approached the car. The front doors and hatch never showed any signs of being powered.

I acquired/installed an aftermarket head unit a few weeks later that included an adapter for the factory harness. Initially it would reset once the ignition was turned off but a local audio shop replaced a fuse in the main relay box and after that all was good plus the dome light began working. Yay!

The clicking intensified and then the stereo began to cut out ever so often. It seemed to occur simultaneously with the beginning of a clicking episode and would quickly fade out, turn off, and resume a few seconds later.

I eventually tried to replace the door lock control unit but after removing the glove compartment realized I would need to remove the entire dash to access it. At least, I couldn't discern any other way and the Haynes manual wasn't of much help. So I pulled the fuse under the driver's side of the dash to disable it.

There was approximately a two month hiatus which followed, were the radio didn't act up. Maybe a month ago it started again, becoming more and more frequent until today. It faltered multiple times within an hour, which had't happened previously, then the entire instrument cluster went out with it. I was coming to a stop light and I thought the engine had stalled somehow but then a second later the gauges jumped back up and I thought a few of the warning lights flickered but I was so surprised I didn't really take note. Not half an hour later, same thing. Only lasted a second or two, this time while I was driving, and right as everything resumed, the ABS light appeared for a quarter of a second.

Tomorrow I'm planning to take it to Autozone and have it scanned but beyond that I'm at a loss. Any advice would be appreciated.