I just bought a '97 OB today with 149,000. The seller is a mechanic who literally just finished replacing head gaskets, cam & crank seals, t-belt & tensioner, outer belts, radiator, AC condenser, and handful of other AC line seals. The body and interior is about as good as it gets

The car drive AMAZING (for being 13yrs old w/ 150k) and I think I got a killer deal ($2900). Despite the deal, there's a couple looming issues that I'd like to get input on.

- The seller said after the overhaul, he was getting a reoccurring CEL that was linked to the EGR valve. There is a vacuum modulator above the drivers manifold that has 4 lines coming of it. He said he bypassed it and the CEL went away. That vacuum valve/modulator now has 2 lines that are cut short and just hanging off of it. This is the 1st car I've ever owned with this big of a vacuum system. I don't know much but this raised an eybrow. Any thoughts?

- Also, the only non-woking feature on the car is the cig ligher/ power outlet. I got ambitious and tried to trak it down tonight. In my quest I discovered a TON of open end plugs under the steering column. I've seen cars in the past with one or two open ends because of optional features not on the car (heated seats, sunroof, etc), but this sems excessive. There's an inline fuse connection that's missing a fuse - no clue what it goes to?? MY first thought was amongst all the disconnected plugs was that the seller BS'd me on the CEL and he just unplugged something that would keep the CEL from coming on. Is this normal on a standard Outback?

- Lastly... The only major repair I foresee is the steering rack. It has a slight leak at the top (shaft seal). I priced racks and they are cheaper than I expected ($220-ish) with inner rods. It looks like an easy job - am I wrong?

Thanks in advance for the insight guys... If anyone needs any Jeep advise, I'll be happy to trade. Being a newbie again sucks