Last night my car was making a loud noise while I was driving it. I noticed that the check engine light had came on. I drove it two blocks back to my house, parked and turned off the car, it continued to make a loud clanking sound, I was able to turn the car on then off again, but that didn't help and the engine was still making the loud noise and rumbling/shaking as if it was still turned on.

Eventually the car began smoking (the smoke was bluish and thick) Eventually the sound stopped (from what I remember) but I disconnected the battery, because it seemed as though it was still feeding power to something.

At first I thought it was the starter, my friend suggested. However the it doesn't sound like that. One of my other friends thinks it could be something with the ignition. However an old man that is good with cars that I know suggested that it may have just been a bad sensor, since the 'check engine' light came on.

Has anyone else experienced something like this?

Thanks alot