I just purchased a 2005 Outback from the U.S. I live in Canada. As you are all aware we use the metric system. The Mileage on the Subaru is 48,400 miles. I managed to find a Instrument cluster up here that is in Kilometers and it just so happens that the conversion from miles to Kilometers was only off by about 200 kms (125 miles) on the odometer. So I bought this combination meter so that I can swap it in for the mph. Now I would be able to read the odometer and speed in Kilometers.


Now the Outback won't even turn over. I read HERE That if the combo meter is replaced, then key registration must be performed and it can only be performed by the dealer.


If this is indeed the problem. Is it the key that lost it's programming, where I would just need to take the key and ID tag to the dealer?


Do I need to tow the car in to the dealer and have the car reprogrammed to accept the key?

Please help, or my wife will never let me take a screw driver to a car again. We only had this car for a day.