First time Subaru owner and I'm already in love. I own a 2006 Impreza 2.5I and I'm looking to get some nice coil overs, rims, and a nice STI exhaust or custom to give it a real sporty feel and look.

First question is that I wasn't sure which coil overs were better than others or if anyone knew much about Subaru suspension. If you do I could really use some help.

Second question is does anyone know where I could snag some nice STI gold rims for cheap, they don't need to have tires but I want them for the summer. That's also why I'm looking for some nice coilovers so the wheel wells can swallow the rims better.

If anyone can point me in the right direction that would be great

Other than that I'm pumped to be an owner and I look forward to meeting you all later!