Hey guys:

Recently picked up a 96 Impreza 2.2 sedan. Decent deal, just needed new rotors, or so we thought! The old ones were warped and the calipers were hanging up. Well, new calipers and rotors aren't curing the problem. Now the calipers are hanging up on the rotors, top of the rotor on driver's side, bottom of rotor on passenger. Car was in a little fender-bender. Hit right side, knocked the plastic off the bumper, hood is a little out of alignment as are the headlights. I'm just guessing the former driver lost it on a slippery left turn, crossed up the wheels hard left and then caught something just as the front hit a hard snowbank. Frame appears to be straight as is the sheet metal around the radiator, etc. What can get bent in these situations that would cause the rotors to hang up like this?? 10 smiley faces to anyone who can give me an answer that will cost LESS than $300! (and be right!)

Thanks ya'll -Jason