im new to this, but i love subarus. i just bought a 94 legacy station wagon off my parents for 2700. not a bad deal its got around 200000+ miles, and will still kick any buzz bomb honda or toyota out of the water. i want to "refresh" this little wagon, but i dont know anything about it. i would love to learn every thing i can from how to do four wheel burn outs, to the best motor and parts swaps. its an everyday driver, so i cant go too extreme, but i love the look on those punk ricers faces when a station wagon waxes their crx's and civic's. one might say i get off on it.... any who, if any one can give me any info as to a 1994 subaru legacy station wagon, four cylnder, 5 speed, please let me know. i want to make a grocery getter that scares. ps i want to stay strictly subaru!!!!