Hello everyone. I am a new Subaru driver. This past summer I traded in my beloved '98 Jeep Cherokee for a '09 Subaru Impreza Outback Sport. While it was extremely hard to get rid of my faithful old Jeep, I decided to take advantage of the Cash for Clunkers deal. I was very happy with my new Subaru. Shortly after purchasing it, I moved back to VT from NJ. About 3 weeks ago, we had a large snowstorm and my Subaru lost control on the unplowed road, crashing into a boulder. I was traveling very slowly and cautiously but I did not have snow tires. The car took off like a sled and I had no steering and no shot at braking/slowing down.

Fortunately, my insurance co. came through and last week I purchased a 2010, black Impreza Outback Sport -- exactly the same as the one I totaled but a model-year newer. This time I threw some snow tires on it asap -- Nokian Hokapoletas. I am still surprised at how easily the car slides around and am thinking it is due to its light weight. I may try throwing some weight in the trunk, but I will just have to be very careful.

Well, that's my Subaru story for now. I'm looking forward to learning and sharing more on this forum in the future. Cheers and happy new year!