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06 WRX or 04 STi?
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Thread: 06 WRX or 04 STi?

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    Default 06 WRX or 04 STi?

    Well, Long story short my BMW was totalled (and the bastard drove off!) if you see a gray silverado with NH plates and no bumper, shoot it with an RPG )

    I got 18,740 after deductible for it.
    anyway, Ive found a few 2004 Sti's with 50-60K miles on them for $14-15K and a couple 06 WRX's with 30-40K miles for the same price range.

    I was wondering what the differences (other than the obvious) between the two are, as a daily drive that will spend half the year in snow and the other half driving highway. I figure an impreza is better than 325 for the snow :P

    I don't really know too much about the specifics, Since i don't even know anybody with a Subaru :P

    Thanks :]
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