This transmission has never been rebuilt , and needs first gear, when i took it out, all the other gears worked very well, this will fit in a 2.5 rs, or a wrx if you get a 411 rear diff, this transmission will make your turbo lag goo by by ... and is a very cheap wrx transmission fix, i have had the cost of the tranny fix price quoted and will cost 400 dollars to fix, so im selling the tranny for 300 dollars, i paid 900 dollars for it, you can use your stock axles with this tranny also, you will loose a little top end, but pick up some serious low end acceleration considering this is a japanese geared tranny ...4th gear is 100 mph tapped, and 5th for overdrive...hits about 137 mph hitting red at 7200 rpm,

Pick up or shipping is up to you, thanks

interested people...please call 413 446 0667

ask for taylor thanks