Unevolved spirit and soul cannot keep and cannot become accustomed to an immortal body even when they have been one, they destroy it. (Mavrino the greatest master of traditional medicine).

Earth was ready for settlement many million in years past. From various reasons, on the list of tested and checked it for long periods, before, approximately 5 million 7 one hundred year ago, the modern world was populated with individuals who came here using their company planets. Two classes of people were given the earth: developing people and many evolved persons. The evolved ones were only 3% belonging to the entire population. The general public brought here counted over Ten million persons.

In its bristling first structure, our planet had only one continent surrounded by waters. This land had lots of necessary natural world to sustain your being, not without working, though; they were forced to complete a huge effort. As everyone was evolved, there isn't any doubt that this planet developed homogeneously and progressively. The constructions were of megalithic type, in opposition to earthquakes or even to any natural ordeals.

They spoke a favorite language across the world desiring great, namely an identical language they speak with the Universe. The leadership was made from probably the most evolved scientists, namely wise men. The education system was by degrees and progressive. Which indicate that it was not only one science, but most sciences; you to use a the stages of a single scientific field and to assimilate them. An excellent he previously be capable to transfer to another location education cycle. Science at the moment were compulsory nonetheless it was necessary once you had to pass to a new one branch to train and manage to remain on land. Should there be anybody who didn't wish it, they had been required to are living in the waters. There were clearly only small desert isles from the waters, where they offered no life support; no one could live there.

There initially were 18 stages that any citizen with the planet was forced to examine in their education. Having gone through these stages all night . shown a mean an understanding of the science within the planet, the respective person can be transformed into fully entitled citizen of this planet. From that moment, each citizen for the planet had to see the 18 stages again 28 times turn out to be ranked the learnt men and then manage to continue towards wisdom. From that moment, he or she could leave our world and visit another planet grow older. We have to mention here that not before turning 151 years of could a citizen from the planet see the first stage as a fully entitled citizen with the planet. After everyone had completed their first cycle; after everyone became a citizen of your planet and after among the built together everything there were to set up for a standard life across the globe, the wise men, that 3% of one's first colonists left the globe and went to their planets.

When the wise men's departure, earth continued to formulate for a normal and natural pace, inside an elevated ambiance. Each of the citizens for the planet completed their development and decided on other planets on the Universe. It continued that way before 6th generation, when everyone who had completed the tutorial system on the Earth had gone, leaving behind the 6th generation for the 6th bloodline associated with every family.

We need to mention that, the moment they create a family, there wasn't even conceiving that family would ever break down. There would be family and continuity. There seemed to be immortality and also there wasn't even question of death. There's joy without any subsequent discord. With the 25th stage of development, each man learnt distance teleportation. People kept filling with energy; the body's energy was continuously sustained by the environment, and then the human being didn't must particularly be worried about filling with energy, because in the 8th stage they learnt it through their training, namely the 8th stage dealt with the body loaded with energy; it handled flora, fauna and also with how every species employed to feed.

The center of ageing, the persons being on Earth during the time didn't are worried about it, because wasn't an extremely problem. People reached ages of 175, a spot what place their cells ceased their growth and evolved into crystal ones. It's osseous cells that I am revealing here, which changed from ordinary cells to crystal ones. After the entire osseous system has completed its metamorphosis namely from ordinary osseous system to crystal one including the particular bones also, the ribs, a persons being couldn't technically encounter death, (obviously including that one was continuously developing). At 175 yoa, people might look like a 2125 associated with age complex and perfectly healthy individual. Obviously, the entire body processed energy, vitamins, minerals and everything forced to maintain that condition.

In this manner, the planet continued its development for an estimated A million 2 hundred thousand years, when something happened this was never capable of happen. It happened this: the leadership in those days decided that your entire science may just be condensed into 5 evolution stages along with a supplementary one. The brand new order created serious flaws inside science which had been taught to date. People did not have the notion of your respective. However, a stage must be completed time after time until it's fully assimilated. And, as the stages were shortened a great deal, lots of shortcomings insinuated atlanta divorce attorneys human being's education. The leadership took that decision of cutting everything short, in order for the process towards wisdom is usually undergone quicker. Consequently they would leave earth and then reach the Universe. From then on, they'd visiting every other planet and continue their educational process in a variety of conditions (people from Earth learnt only in the world where they weren't capable of leave it unless that were there completed the academic process). Allowing for the transition was developed to this particular education system, people became cognizant of the notion of the time. Simply because they experienced time, the whole downfall began of this progress among the had that far. Over time, people started losing their crystal cells, until as much cells grew ordinary, concerning were on the human being's birth, namely 30% crystal cells and 70% ordinary ones. This structure, the persons being did start to get sick. As sickness occurred, the final percentages of crystal cells were lost; from then on, the human being undergone adjustments to height, marks appeared on his hands, face and body, namely the wrinkles.

The residual species which had lived harmoniously in the human species the animals along with the birds, were shocked in what was becoming within the man made; they started stay away from the humans; substantially more , they attacked men when the individual attacked the species, too.

The best downfall occurred when the first person experienced death. Following on from the shock one of several, there were aggression between species; exchanges of partners; total downfall, including the abodes of independent groups were built-in separate places, overlooking huge walls for many people to protect against the other. Our beings started destroy the, heedless of anything or anyone. If you want to hide out of your other planet's citizens, they did start to find new words, so they really should end understood, to an extent that within 33 thousand years nobody spoke one another's language; mixed were their languages and dark their minds. Generations succeeded 1 another; they died nearly as soon, even so became a normal thing for those society which have reached that stage.

I have mentioned that planet no longer had any protective shields, namely it absolutely was completely polluted together with the shields preventing the oxygen leakage into the stratosphere appeared to be compromised. Inside the same type of thought, a result of not enough oxygen, the entire world was continuously and irreversibly decaying. Our planet was overpopulated, a result of blood confusion, namely relatives married each other well, mixing their blood, defiling it and altering its genetic structure, something which delivered malformations. These folks were the reasons why that led to the total destruction with the planet, because a giant asteroid, concerning the size of 1 / 3 of one's planet, collided with all the Earth; consequently, the environment underwent complete geographical changes, namely that it was split up into 5 continents together with waters separating them. There was clearly a glacial age, of exactly 150 thousand years, thereafter ice melted and nature premiered renewed, the oxygen pure to ensure the water. The Leadership belonging to the Universe decided which the first leading council who had chosen to shorten the educational stages should revisit Earth, with individuals who had lived there exactly with their time, including the fact that the other parts of the families who have been born afterwards were mixtures of the same blood, which has no healthy gene and without worrying about the likelihood of perpetuating man's species (after blood confusion, you will find neither pure family, nor man with evolution potential ever).

They gave the leadership towards the humankind only on a single one continent that is called POSED and which can be known as of Atlantis towards historians. Obviously, this continent is understood only in the form of hypothesis, because nobody is able to ever tell where it was subsequently. Posed was really a continent that sustained all of those other planet, as there were only negative temperatures there. All of those other blood lines were onto the other continents; each will spoke an identical language. Leading councils belonging to the other continents could always reach Posed to confer with the class leading council of the world, however, the leading council of the Earth, who lived in Posed, could never intervene in almost anything to make any change whatsoever. It absolutely was with this continent make subjected each citizen of one's planet into the final examinations. Planet earth resumed its beneficent evolution. The human being beings grew crystal cells again, only up to a whopping 70% belonging to the whole, simply because the stages you to take on to prove he or she was an evolved person amounted to 51. Similarly, the quantity of repetitions of every stage increased to 41, namely each stage would have to be repeated 41 times over.

With as many as 70% crystal cells, your beings could hardly maintain perpetuity; people could neither be immortal and able of transfer to the Universe, nor could they pass to 71% if he or she didn't prove worthy. Therefore, energizing cylinders which restored each man's energy, taking energy from nature and cosmic space, were built within very short distance from a another.

If you want to take and still have electricity, your beings built entire cities within the center of the oceans of that they extracted resources and processed these to produce electricity them to used in the land. You will find quite strong currents through the ocean, producing electricity. On the other hand, you will discover minerals, too, that conduct it in the surface. There are rhombusshaped devices storing the already obtained electricity and by means of huge spheres accompanied by a trapezoidal mirror in the middle they rendered the bead associated with; namely, cures call bulbs today is in an important from a trapezoid built using living organisms. The power was transferred through huge spheres; or, the captured both from production and natural climate, namely lightning while others, was absorbed by pyramidshaped devices, and next was conveyed to each and every building there is was light.

Scientists nowadays search ruins bought at the area or 10 thousand meters deep at most, nevertheless they are not getting deeper . Had anyone reached from the deepest recesses belonging to the oceans, or had anyone reached up to the lava in the earth, you may obtain many interesting things, architectonic structures unknown all this time, utensils and alloys who've never been manufactured in the world to this day.

In the event that latter case arise, chance is imminent, because many hands make light work and what in the event the two madmen contaminate all the society? In this instance, the task could be irreversible, your entire society might well be contaminated and reach immortality. Do you find it worth the cost? Let's better cherish every moment upon the eye of the planet; let's content ourselves along with the reality we die or we kill one or something that is.

There would be an ideal architectural structure on all continents, and drainage system for water or biological residues. These were perfectly built from such alloys which could are actually manufactured only via technological difficulty. Should the readers doubt the reality these facts, allow them to pay a visit to Egypt, Malta or Peru in order to Cuzco, the ancient capital of the Inca Empire. They might see ruins there which use lasted many centuries, or of this Spaniards who conquered America and of their buildings not really a trace stayed. Bed not the culprit it that, 1000s of kilometers from Cuzco, anybody can begin to see the fabulous ruins of Puma Panco, at high altitude in Altiplano, Bolivia? The ruins of Puma Panco are 1 kilometer clear of other famous ruins, Tiahuanaco.

It absolutely was calculated and proven by the ニューバランス ML574VDB NewBalance ML574VDBダークブルー クラシックランニング ブルー scientists today that your megalithic construction of that type weighed more than 100 thousand tones. What could possibly destroy them? A common purposes why fortresses genuinely have been destroyed were whether or not cataclysm or pole shifting.

This can be a plausible scenario; the sea fossils discovered on the plateau of Altiplano, near Lake Titicaca, at almost 4 thousand meters' altitude are proof that the ocean levels rose to this height. Why can these fossils be discovered in both the Andes also in Lake Titicaca? The reason why one fresh water seahorses have a home in Lake Titicaca, as soon as they don't belong there and they also never did?

An element of the developing persons inhabited the places where individuals today found the Mayan ruins. Making it explicable the reasons why similar pyramids have been found which ranges from Mexico to Java Island. The ruins of Sukuh, the pyramid of the elephants, located on the slopes of Lawu Mountain, near Surakarta, Central Java, there is also a building of stone slabs plus a multiplestaged truncated pyramid. The inhabitants of Honduras see them amazing and they're not the only ones that. Another pyramid is discovered while in the Mayan town of Uaxactun, near Tical. With the knowledge that there wasn't glass making technique, counseling ? we so plainly simply see when checking out the ruins that there was a pyramid inside, paid by cylindrical glass and who made that glass, realize fragments of glass inside those ruins? How could they already have built the Mayan pyramids very well as order and architecture they will be an information unit? Besides, should you move through each stage and understand the writing you could find that there are something there, something beyond mythology and legends which something informs us hardly anything else but that immortals lived there? Likewise, we are able to also converse about Solomon, who built Temple Mount, the brains behind is based upon the ruins of some other megalithic construction and it is often known as Kivota.

Another and if aren't say so the latest ruins are they in Egypt. We shall complete a halt here and you could see in your following lines quite possibly known as to have a reason.

We mentioned above in our material the fact that the leadership in the planet was on continent Posed. Lots of efforts possess made for this civilization to earn a step onto evolution, suffering the many necessary development stages failed, which was because 30% for the cells hadn't been changed, so people needs to have 100% crystal cells. A beings who had returned to undertake their evolution cycle were unable to take on much more 30% and everything was doomed again. Death and decay ruled again everywhere, save for Posed, also known as Atlantis. The environment was defenseless again additionally, the ecosystem was degrading. This point, the advance was stemmed from a few asteroids that hit planet earth. Atlantis vanished then, boost its reserves water and ice. The ice melted and flooded the entire planet, however this time the glacial age didn't settle you desire before. This time, people from the sunken continent of Posed had time to journey to the places where the Mayan ruins are today where they could pass very valuable data for an additional pair generations. They preserved them completely for 130 thousand years, as long as the ice age lasted, to ensure the present generations could read and decipher their message, which has been the following: our world will undoubtedly be repopulated, again; they showed by constructions connected with 1 another that the humankind gone in the Earth, that they are more precise those ones who didn't mix and spoil their blood inside their families, might be returned for one new cycle of evolution (it's endorsed by your many stars falling down to mother nature, using the Moon inside their middle, on the stars, and therefore all those who didn't spoil their blood will be presented the opportunity prove their evolution).

Precisely the same scientists drew elephants the ones progressing them, or, yearly drawing, the elephants are lying in the grass and men, clutching their heads using hands, are standing near the fallen elephant. Consequently the leadership of Posed showed how once more people may not be allowed to tame and master the elephant, which represented evolution; they showed that civilization was caused by fail again that time. The scientists from Posed also resulted in a giant opening in one of the pyramids, where you are able to check out the stars; furthermore, they drew it relating to the walls, consequently they showed people and allow generations a burglar loved them up there and somebody thought about them, which was solely approximately the respective generations once they would evolve or you cannot. Also they showed clearly that your end in the present civilization might possibly be concerning the years of 2021 and 2027. Only our scientists' interpretations were wrong. They feel the Mayans indicated that the completed was on December 21st 2012. We simply cannot discuss about a finish, mindful about isn't such a thing like trigger the Universe; you can find continuity and the stages. Between 2021 and 2027 one of many stages could be developing basically those who haven't spoiled their blood throughout their families will, some thing which could be also inferred out of the last employing the walls within the Mayans or of Kheops' pyramid. In both places, at the end of the drawing it comes with an elephant standing erect, consequently you can find another future to do this planet knowning that folks will live immortality, evolution and wisdom.

That these porn files is worth studying and analyzing in the utmost attention. If, due to thorough analysis, you think an iota than it, it signifies i'm not the only madman thinking that there are more who are able to come up with a huge step for his or her evolution.