Mutai Win 2011 ING NYC Marathon

Mary Keitany took an early on lead in the race, sometimes above two minutes prior to the lead pack within the woman's race. As her debut marathon, many wondered if she was going to have the ability hold these many of one's lead. However, being the miles progressed, she looked strong and able.

Eventually, Keitany wasn't competent to keep the pace she prepare and finished in third, a stunning finish for your debut レイバン サングラス 人気モデル marathon. Firehiwot Dado of Ethiopia took first, that has a period of 2:23.15. Buzunesh Deba, who's from Ethiopia but resides in your Bronx, took second place and complete three seconds behind Dado.

The boys ran within a pack for many the race, along with the lead changing a few times between Meb Keflezighi, Emmanuel Mutai and Tsegaye Kebede. Whenever the runners hit mile 20, Geoffrey Mutai broke out of your pack and took a definite lead.

Geoffrey Mutai of Kenya, who won the 2011 Boston Marathon by having a amount of 2:03.02, finished first by using a length of 2:05.05, setting an opportunity record. Emmanuel Mutai, also of Kenya, took second place having age of 2:06.28, also shattering this course record. Hometown favorite Meb Keflezighi finished strong that have an unofficial use of 2:09.10.