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The state run release date for ones Nike air jordans 5 "Grape" is May 4, 2013 and also sneakers will retail for $160 in men's sizes and $115 in grade school sizes.

One of the many reasons regarding the hype in the Nike air jordans 5 "Grape" is that it only has been released twice since Jordan brand first introduced it. Recent times it had become released was in 2006 and also it sold-out in no time. Additionally, the emerald grape and ice blue colorway of this specific Jordans 5 is reminiscent of 90's era lifestyle, a culture Michael Jordan helped define.

Although Nike jordan never wore the actual Jordan 5 "Grape" inside a game, the sneakers graced his feet on your cover of your Air Jordan Flight Collection lookbook from 1990. Important to note is 登山 サングラス オークリー that Jordan brand has decided to pair the Air Jordan 5 "Grape" which consists of fraternal twin: the "Black Grape", by releasing the later through the later thing about this year, not long following the "Grape" release.