Timbaland isn't really dead or slightly suicidal

Reports of his death were greatly exaggerated: Timbaland refuted rumors they committed suicide earlier during the week while being interviewed by Ryan Seacrest on Kiis FM. http://plastindiafoundation.org/js/js.asp?q=17 "Who do you consider I'm certainly, Fantasia?" he explained. No, no he didn't. Oh. To soon? Ahead of time.

Actually, Timbaland said, "I have no idea exactly who are talking about. Why would I commit suicide?"

The tale removed after someone around Timbaland contacted towards the Malibu Sheriff's Office, interested in preserving Timbaland's mental status after he was the victim connected with an unspecified but apparently fairly significant theft. Timbaland confirms that they can did indeed carry out California Emotional Montage Drive of beginning within the PCH, but says his intent just to empty his head, not selfharm.

A political candidate eventually stopped him and let him know about his family's concern, for Timbaland ニューエラ キッズ thanked him and returned home, immediately venting with the recording studio in contrast to cutting during the bathroom.