Hello all,
I have joined this forum as a result of getting a $2000 repair bill on my 2001 Outback VCD. I had pretty much expected to avoid this type of shock merely as a result of purchasing a Subaru (I recall assurances of "bulletproof forever" when I first got the car new.). Now I'm wondering what I should be expecting from my car now that I've hit 105,000 miles.

My Subaru dealer assured me that, aside from my replacement of a head gasket about 10K miles ago ("Yes we saw a lot of that." and "No, no way are we going to pay for it!") I haven't really encountered any maintenance requirements that aren't to be expected.

My current repair requires the replacement of a driveline. They're charging about $750 for parts and labor on that.

I always hate disclosing what I paid for repairs, because, for sure someone (probably many) will assure me that I either overpaid, or didn't need to do it in the first place. But, oh well, that's why I've come here: to hear from those more experienced than myself.

So, with that said, I welcome all comments, warnings and (hopefully) assurances. Thanks.

I would certainly appreciate hearing from anyone in similar circumstances.