Im trying to sell a diesel jetta mostly because its to small and low to the ground for my taste
i really wanted to land an 80s model 4runner w/a 4cyl but i can not find one
iv owned a jeep before and i dont want to go down that road again
iv heard bad things about subaru (mostly iv heard the engines are hard to work on, and they need constant maintenance)
i was wondering if this is true? if so what kind of issues can i expect... and what type of things i should be looking for when shopping for a Subaru (i like the forester, but i just want a wagon in general) im planning on using this things for road trips (that typically end up driving down dirt roads) i really want something that i can depend on, and not have to spend much time under the hood or @ work having to pay for transmissions (iv bought enough of transmissions to last me a life time) any advice yall can give me i would LOVE i just want to learn as much about the vehicle that i can before i make a purchase