PUMA Wapiti stag knife

PUMA was making a few of the word's best handcrafted

knives since 1769, and is particularly one among Germany's oldest marques. The

sixounce PUMA Wapiti wapiti (w large Us deer, Cervus canadensis, closely linked to the earlier World red deer. It's always commonly called elk for many even though the name elk is required in Europe to refer to the moose. air jordan 1 olympic Stage http://alessam.com/main.asp?q=4 continues this tradition with their highgrade

440A steel and droppoint bladeeach advisors bears the distinctive

"diamond needle" proof mark of any Rockwell Hardness test; this

verifies that blade what food was in the complete correct hardness. Overall length

from the knife is 7.9 inches, also, the blade itself measures 3.7 inches.

The http://alessam.com/main.asp?q=4 handle is crafted of handfitted, naturally shed stag antler antler: see horn. scalesand contains a lifetime limited warranty Limited warranty

An assurance with certain conditions and limitations relating to the parts covered, style of damage covered, and/or span for the purpose the agreement is robust. . The sheath is