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02-09-2014, 11:31 PM
Designed for Skate and Nike present

The exhibition http://alessam.com/main.asp?q=27 delves on the evolution of Nike's gradual transfer to the realm of skateboarding, from nike air jordan basketball shoes (http://alessam.com/main.asp?q=23) sponsoring major events such as X Games to releasing sneakers this were not initially created skaters but found their way for the concrete nevertheless, within the eventual debut of the brand in 2002. Athletes like Eric Koston and Paul Rodriguez are prominently featured towards latter 50 % the exhibit, coupled with famous kicks for instance the "Roswell Rayguns," the "Tiffany" plus the "What The Dunk" Nike SB Dunk Lows.

In addition to the quite a few sneakers will be the advertisements and collaborations that Nike SB has been a aspect of throughout its short history. Just what is most striking regarding the ads would be the very homegrown approach they can take presenting their athletes, which plays to the culture of skateboarding, but also reminds the majority of Nike's earlier efforts, that had been portion of the charm of the trademark itself.

The exhibition can be on display until early 2013. Viewings hours are going to be of the Saturdays with the exception of holiday weekends (examine the Sixth and Mill Instagram for updates) from noon to 5pm.

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