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Air Force One Pilot Recalls Crew's Response to Threats on 9

Retired Col. Mark Tillman knew two commercial airliners had crashed to the World Trade Center when he took Air Force One within the sky above Sarasota, Fla., ニューバランス m1500 (http://vertexjo.com/include/main.php?q=121) the morning of Sept. 11, 2001. But soon President Bush's Air Force One pilot heard the warning Vp Dick Cheney gave the president, and three words began the number of evasion flights throughout the country that particular day:

"It's a major sky, so for any individual to address us, you're normally thinking it's going to be somebody among the bushes and some sorts of manpowered rocket or getting some fighter being to shoot you down," Tillman said. "But about this day, it absolutely was in your own country. On Sept. 11, it has been America."

The president's staff and Air Force One crew learned later it's an incorrect alarm, but during the time Tillman was taking no chances. Information at the moment was there is usually roughly seven to 10 hijacked airliners.

President Bush found out that American Airlines Flight 11 had crashed inside the North Tower before a scheduled halt to promote his education bill at Emma E. Booker Elementary School in Sarasota, Fla. When Chief of Staff Andrew Card told obama, "A second plane has hit the earth Trade Center. America is under attack," Tillman was watching the events unfold in the media on the Boeing VC25.

"That's if your staff starts entering gear, advising obama of what's having," Tillman said. "You may well start hearing the radios relating to the Secret Service, employees and lots of agencies everywhere.

"I need to assume the worst. I assume the president concerned for being under attack, in which we got everything ready together with the plane. Well before departure, Tillman saw someone at the end of the runway with a cam corder, so he took the VC25 through the other direction.

"Air Force One, you possess unidentified aircraft behind you," Jacksonville Center told Tillman whilst made his ascent above Florida. "They've shut their transponder off, they're above as well as descending into you."

But as Tillman turned toward the West coast of florida, the plane didn't follow. It was just an airliner that have lost its transponder.

"But all day every day http://unipaints.com/Include/main.asp?q=96 was like this," he said. "The whole day, there was clearly threats that weren't really threats, nonetheless, you still wanted to counter them. That day, we're concerned somebody had followed us, and we all were the subsequent target. We have been told Air Force One would certainly be next, therefore had to counter that."

The president decided brand new show then false alarm which they dreamed of being and incapacitated so he could address the United states citizens. Tillman and military aides chose Barksdale Air Force Base, La., because of the high security a result of the B52 Stratofortress mission. Air Force One radio operators notified the Barksdale command post in the holidays, additionally, the wing commander must prepare the base within seconds to obtain obama.

"The Air Force rocked that day," Tillman said. "They did everything perfect, that's benefit of the Force. You won't need to discover the [crisis action team] together and spend hours working in a checklist. When something happens, it's common knowledge what their job may be to reach one's destination. That's exactly what they did on that day, instead of only there, but anywhere in the continent.

"Offutt Air Force Base [Neb.] did so. Andrews Air Force Base [Md.] knew one of the for the president of america. They're familiar with doing the same on a daily basis with the president, but that day, it was subsequently different. On Sept. after staff determined the relationship in Washington had been feeling relaxed enough to get obama back.

"Everybody into your carry-on was finding your way through what must be prepared for the state," Tillman said. "What plenty of people do not understand was on Air Force One, obama had each one of his top leaders with him. This individual the cabability to relate with any of the military leadership. He previously his chief of staff and Secret Service with him. Everything was aboard inside of a selfcontained package, so he could possibly make several great decisions to the country on this phone, understanding that was just what president was doing."

As Air Force One made its journey all over the Midwest, the Texas ANG F16s were joined by other fighters, including F16s from Andrews and Langley Air Force Base, Va., for the reason that president's plane approached Washington. Lt. Col. Air National Guard, gave obama a thumbsup from near Air Force One's wing.

"I can't speak for ones president, particularly me to seem out and find out a fighter pilot now together with you, that is the classic Air Force mission," Tillman said. "You've got the fighter in your wing, and he's protecting the president of the us. Genuinely does not get much better than that."

But Tillman designed 360degree give up the Shenandoah Valley enabling the Texas fighters to trap up as they wanted the F16s from President http://vertexjo.com/include/main.php?q=122 Bush's home Guard unit to lead Air Force One into Andrews.

Through the next seven years, Tillman returned President Bush to Ny numerous times, including for Sept. 11 anniversary ceremonies. But he wasn't in the position to attend Ground Zero himself until after he along with the president retired following President Obama's inauguration in January 2009.

"Everyone ought to drop by to discover may to reflect upon thousands who had been killed tomorrow," Tillman said. "The procedures that President Bush, his administration also, the military have dedicated to place have saved us, as well as similarly Obama amazing folks.

"But it is impossible to forget how it happened on Sept. 11. Many men and women were killed, installing the towers, but additionally around the Pentagon, and the was unacceptable. We will need to gird yourself, and we'll stay ready, but we lost many of our friends on that day."Randy Roughton