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05-24-2009, 04:09 PM
This may seem like a long article but i think the whole story will help you to agree with my diagonsis or not,

My car broke down in Telford a couple of months ago, i drove it there in bad rain and stopped, the car ran fine all way and started fine, as i accelerated rapidly to speed off, with a warm engine, the car spluttered, as if out of fuel and just died.

My car was stuck in Telford for several weeks and a mechanic had a look at it and idnetified the fuel tank has a crack in the top and teh fuel was contaminated with water, the exhaust was also blowing.

He managed to get the car to run but when acelerating hard the engine would just cut out and over fuel, it would just die. At no point have i had any engine faults come up on dash.

The car ran resonably well for a period of time but was a little lumpy at time and not as smooth or powerful as it was before.

I then had the 1st catalytic converter drilled out and exhaust fixed and this greatly enhanced performance and it ran better. It still has the second catalytic converter.

A short while later i began having poblems with the car again such as no power, cutting out when accelerating and failure to start wen hot.

I identified the problem which was that the engine coolant tempertaure sensor was broken, no problem, dead cheap and replaced with new one.
However, the car will now start but will not idle and various other things and does not have enough power to drive. I have been working on it for a month now and have established the following.

The fuel pump works.
The ignition coil pack works.
The Ignition Leads are fine.
The spark plugs were replaced recently.
The fuel filter is not blocked but i will replace soon.
The engine idle control seems to work but had problems with idle before.
The air intake system is fine and all conneted properly and sealed.
Two of the fuel injectors were broken during removal to test.

Even though the car is now only running on two cylinders, i think i have fixed the problm, i think water was in the fuel again so i drained it and replaced it and it ran better and idles now, i am just waiting to replace the injectors, the car woukld move and had power but was not driveble.

Do you agree that if i get the exhause fixed againa nd 2nd cat removed and replace the injectors that the problem should be fixed.

I have checked other things but they dont come to mind so let me know of any suggestions of things to check or ask me if i have checked other things and i'll let you know, i really miss my car being on the road.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Kindest Regards


12-01-2009, 03:01 AM
water will do it everytime. But don't stop yet, while you are waiting on injectors do a compression test to make sure you did not break, stick a ring or bend a rod in the process. If you can not get injectors we sell rebuilts all day long, they are good the ones in my 97 outback sport have 97,000 + miles on them. if there is anything else we can help you with please call or email.