View Full Version : American vs. Foreign (mostly Japanese) cars?

01-30-2008, 04:44 PM
It's interesting how many Americans buy inferior American cars because they think that they are made in America, yet the facts show, most American cars are made in Mexico and Canada while most Japanese cars are now made in the U.S. Besides, "buying American" just sends most of that money to the CEOs who don't need it anyway.I'm not saying all American cars are bad, that's not the point (I'm a big Corvette fan myself), but I'm saying many other foreign manufacturers offer plenty of job opprotunities here, so what's the big deal about Toyota competing in NASCAR? Our Subaru was made in Indiana, I believe there's a Honda plant in Ohio, and Toyota is here too.Proof though that GM is being run by morons. They canceled the Trans Am, which in my opinion, looked better than the new Camaro. I'd like to see American car manufacturers get back on their feed, but it doesn't seem like that's going to happen anytime soon.Offer your thoughts and opinions.

01-30-2008, 09:14 PM
yes though the Japanese car company's give a couple jobs here more of the money still goes to japan or other countries.

01-31-2008, 01:45 AM
I'm a true blue Honda girl. I work really hard for my money and I value my free time, therefore I don't want to spend any of it in an auto repair shop. I have a 98 Accord with 78,000 on it. It has never needed repairs. Before that I had a 91 Accord. I can't see myself ever buying anything other than a Honda. Oh yeah, they go GREAT in the snow and rain!

01-31-2008, 06:16 AM
When people say American cars vs Japanise cars, the first thing comes to mind is Tuners vs Muscle Cars.Sadly most people who like muscle cars always get insanely cocky and act like a jerk after they dropped in a "383 stroker"or a "440 big block". Us tuners however are more subtle and classly. We actually care about our cars drifting, dragging, and gripping.But the thing i hate is how Muscle Car lovers always talk trash about how Tuners are rice burners...Regarding american manufactors...I believe they are just trying to scavenge as much of theirselves as possible after the last 2 years. Honda's minivans are beginning to take over, and toyota is dominating the sedan market many times over. To add insult to injury, Nissan's new flagship car(the GT-R) is coming over to the states this year, and it's performance laps over it's modern day muscle rivals many times over.The only cars i see saving the American Auto market is the new 2008 challenger, Saturn's 208 lineup and ford's 208 line-up

01-31-2008, 10:47 AM
japanese cars r more dependable on

01-31-2008, 03:17 PM
You say most Japanese cars are made in America,well what is most?Half of all Toyota's sold in the US are imported and that number is rising every year.Now what do you mean most American cars are made in Canada and Mexico?I can give you a list of over 80 GM,Ford and Chrysler vehicles made in the US.GM alone has more employees working in the US then all the foreign auto makers together.Why do you call American built cars inferior?GM is doing a great job with quality and have high ratings.I have had many GM and Chrysler vehicles go over 150,000 miles and a Dodge Ram go 400,000 miles.