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04-22-2009, 11:59 PM
whats up subie lovers?

Names Zach and im a proud new owner of a 99 impreza outback sport wagon.

i bought it for 6500 at my local subaru dealership. the body and interior are imaculate. and it only has 63k on it. love at first drive.

this is my 2nd car and i couldnt be happier, the flat 4 mixed with a 5 speed manual tranny and the famous AWD gives me pep i never had with my 79 chevy chevette.

i know this it isnt a 2.5 and all that but i am totally confident in its ability to become an awesome and fast little whip.

i already have a k&n intake and custom 19's. i took the roof rack off for a cleaner look and im lowering it this friday with an eibach kit that just arrived.

this post to you all out there is asking any advice you can give me to make my wagon the best sleeper it can be. ive been to some local subaru club meets here in seattle washington, and wasnt greeted very warmly because of the lack of a STI, 2.5, GT, or WRX badge on my car. i feel with the right amount of love,and not to mention some coin. i can suprise some skeptics of my new wagon.

so again. any advice will be met with great appreciation.

thank you all so much.