View Full Version : '96 Outbackwgn Headlight/turn signal problems

03-27-2009, 04:37 PM
History: Right turn signal acted up a few months ago by staying on constantly when used, it shut off fine when you flipped the switch back.

Currently: Right turn signal/headlight don't work. Left seem to be fine. The inside fuse in position 1 "Back-up Light/ Turn Signal light" has blown twice in 3 days(basically i replace it and the right lights will work for like 30 sec before it blows and it's back to nothing). The HI-beam light will illuminate on the dashboard if you turn the lights on, doesn't seem to actually be on hi-beam half the time though.

Have tried replacing the combination switch, no change. checked for burnout bulbs, basic wire connections. I've seen a few other posts on the webs with similar problems but no fixs :( Figure it to be a short/crossed wire but don't know where to start. Any help appreciated

03-28-2009, 01:14 AM
Sounds like a short in the wiring someplace. Are you handy chasing wires and using a meter? A few things to look for would be to (a) check the backup and rear combination lamps for water condensation or filling with water inside that may short out the lamps and blow that fuse, (b) check the wiring from the rear combination lamps and clusters back thru the frame and body as best you can, looking for pinches and crimps (shorts), (c) do you have a trailer connector? Examine that harness for damage also, and (d) don't discount the 3rd brake (hi-mounted) either. Check that for water intrusion, shorted/crimped wiring or corroded terminals. That'll get us started.