View Full Version : 07 Outback-HOT Alternator

03-19-2009, 09:16 PM
Took my parents 07 Outback with 11,000 miles for highway ride last week. Stopped at a rest area & noticed a smell when I got out, but could not identify it.
Car temp & all other signs OK.

On the way back I stopped & checked under the hood. The alternator was really hot, much more than the rest of the engine. Car had only been running 15 minutes around town. Outside temp was 50 deg.

Could not find anything wrong so drove home 250 miles with no incident.

Had them bring it to dealer & they ran a test, no codes, charging properly & no noticable noise from alt.

They say it is normal fo them to run hot.

Anyone else have this experience?


03-20-2009, 07:49 PM
Well, lessee. The alternator creates electrical energy by the rotating motion of internal parts. Electricity flow creates heat. The alternator is bolted onto the side of the engine block, which gets really warm when running. As long as we're not talking fry-your-eggs hot, I'm probably thinkjing this is a-ok. I just checked my Ford when I got home, and it's alternator was quite warm. But the whole engine compartment was, because it's a high rev'ing small 4-banger that could. Don't let any greases or oils or errant soft rubber cables or hoses lay up against it, and you're probably going to be just fine.