View Full Version : Advice Needed: Buy a '02 WRX (9K) or '04 WRX (11K)?

02-18-2009, 01:13 AM
Hey guys, need some help! I'm currently in the market for a WRX, with a budget of about $11,000. I have two perspective cars that I'm currently debating:

1) '02 WRX (Rev. C): 75,000 miles. Great Condition. $9,500.

2) '04 WRX (Rev. D): 89,500 miles. Excellent Condition. $11,000.

Both cars have mature previous owners, clean CARFAX reports, and are bone-stock.

My dilemma is whether the 15,000 less miles on the '02 make it a smarter buy...

I know the '04s received a facelift, gauge rearrangement, and better seats.

I have also heard the '04s have "stronger" trannys and better suspension setups than the '02s/'03s (Rev. C). I've also heard the ECUs are different.

Are the minor suspension, tranny, and ECU updates on the '04 worth an extra $2000 and 15,000 miles?

(Because if they are, I'm down to do it!)

Thanks in advance! :cool: