View Full Version : 07 Legacy Outback Wagon Interior Dome Light Won't Turn On After Parked in the Sun

Sue Baroo
02-08-2009, 03:25 PM
07 Legacy Outback Wagon Interior Dome Light Won't Turn On After Parking in the Sun. This is an intermittant problem that I have solved by reaching back and hitting the light with the palm of my hand. When leaving work after parking in the sun on a hot day, I'll open the door and the interior dome light won't turn on. I'll get in and close the door, give the light a rap, then open the door. Then the light works. The problem hasn't repeated itself during this cold, MN winter. Since it's so intermittant, I haven't mentioned it to my dealer yet. Is this a common problem?

02-08-2009, 04:00 PM
No, but in cold weather sticky door switches are. Inside the door jamp on the hinge side is a push-plunger door switch that may have gotten water into it and become sticky or corroded on it's contacts. You can pull them and lube with WD-40 or some other water-displacing contact cleaner. An easy troubleshooting test is to try getting into (or opening) the passenger side door first. If the dome light comes on routinely, but not when the drivers side door is used, it's the door switch. If you're handy with tools, try swapping them from side to side or front door to back also. Again, be a pest at the dealer for warranty help, as this is a cheap replacement part.