View Full Version : 07 3.0R outback engine ping

01-27-2009, 01:01 PM
My wife and I have a 07 3.0R L.L. Bean Outback that has had a pinging problem almost since it was brand new. After about five thousand miles the engine started to ping. It will ping under load (of course) and when just pulling away from a stop light on a flat surface. This does not happen all the time and every time I take the car in for this problem they can not duplicate it. I'm pretty sure the car knows when I'm taking it in for service so it can make me look like an ass.

The first time I took it in for this problem they sucked a "solvent" into the intake manifold and let it sit to break up carbon build up. This completely took care of the problem for around 2000 miles. Since then it has been a problem ever since and been into the dealership at least three more times with no further explanation or fix for my car.

Anyway.... Has anyone else had the same problem? Any solutions or advice? I have been on rides with the service techs and nothing. It's only an intermittent problem but when it happens it sounds TERRIBLE.

Thank you all.

01-28-2009, 01:00 AM
Go by an AutoZone parts place if you hve one in your area and have them read the OBD codes and see if any diagnostics show up. Normally you'll get a code (check engine light) if the knock sensor or camshaft position indicator or any other sensor is bad, but you may not and the code reader might also read out the ECU and see if anything is stored but currently not active. Try to do this (of course) when the car is in a mood to ping.