View Full Version : Japanese A/C Hoses

01-25-2009, 06:47 PM
Hey all, I recently bought and installed a used JDM motor for my '96 Outback on eBay. It was a scary thing honestly and with the only obvious negative thing I can say was the wiring harness was cut, it started right up and over 6000 miles later I'm very happy. The other thing was the A/C hoses, coupler/fittings, were different and wouldn't accept my existing ones, oh, the A/C lines were cut as well. If you ever decide to do this you may want to ask first just what has been cut, I had one plug from my harness that went nowhere and a couple vacuum lines I plugged, I did get the check engine light and don't know why, it didn't effect it's performance at all, 25 around town and 28 on the highway..
Anyway back to the A/C hoses, any thoughts on where I can get the smaller Jap line fittings, or complete lines??.. Thanks, aloha..