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01-12-2014, 02:14 PM
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Every developmental biotech company raises capital the way it moves through various inflexion points. GALE has almost 9 months of cash of their books, thus it will raise money. In today's market you're able to raise at 10% discount which has a standard offering or 34% discount using ATM. So what exactly is the important deal?? The key is NOT dilution, rather growing how large the pie. I will rather own 1% on the 500 million company than 2% of your 100 million company! Adam, everyones buddies at PropThink essentially shorted this stock within the last few couple of weeks and developed panic by using a dubious article which didn't have any new information than what has long been published before by others. Yes, Apthera was acquired for a cheap (so did Puma by means of acquired assets from Pfizer for peanuts), but the value really is in moving this strategy within the phase III trial to BLA. If the tone is approved, GALE might be bigger than DNDN at the time of Provenge's approval.

Nov 13 12:48 PMPropThink, you gave a really good bear argument, and so i commend you on your argument. However, the difficulties you mention aren't new, which describe why the stock was exchanging the $0.30s to set up last year, and is also http://fotovakprint.nl/images/newbalance.html why the business enterprise is valued at just http://fotovakprint.nl/images/ugg.html $100 million, but not $500 million. Yourrrre able to send data along with announcements above were significant next year, and its particular price appreciation has actually been deserving. You will not report that a vaccine to manage cancer will not work given it doesn't be sensible (in your own アグ オーストラリア (http://fenntaler.nl/cd/agu.html) opinion), it is exactly what trials are suitable for. From issues i can say to, no one in your team may be a medical practitioner maybe a scientist. Yet you forgot to mention the scientific team at Galena, just like Dr. Peoples, who might be a time renowned physician with the therapy of breast cancer. Biotechnology companies fail all of the time due to insufficient funding, but it doesn't imply that the item is ineffective. It simply implies that the corporation did not have the funds. It's kind of like a superb basketball player, who has Lebron like talent. The child might had not the cabability to succeed because of scarcity of opportunity and exposure. But now and then, someone finds that kid and assists to push him from the right direction. Galena often have failed as RXi, however doesn't imply that they didn't determine with with NeuVax, together with its failures as RXi are priced into its stock. In which I will mention, one being from Roth, comes with a office for PropThink's managing editor? I'm guessing you'll guys produced a lot of money,and that you are right about NeuVax as a possible eventual failure. It would be a waste to push a standard 30% lower that the company could the reality is save lives, for a couple of thousand dollars.

Nov 13 12:47 AMThere is one common misconception of STVF's method of trading. Unlike various companies that are growing stevia plants, Stevia First is dependant on R innovations that will make this happen leap over existing stevia production methods. They are simply pioneering fermentation based production methods that has the potential to help reduce the demand for growing large volumes of stevia plants, which as reported by several sources, is answerable to 70% in the expenses related to stevia extract production today. Advances most of the several areas that this clients are taking care of like extraction methods, proprietary seed and plants, or cultivation practices will contribute significantly for the cash advance equity the organization; much ahead of 2 to 3 years from now.

Nov 8 07:22 PMEven even so the diet conscious will usually run time for fats and sugar, and there is really a marketplace for sugary baked goods long in to the foreseeable future, I would not see any situation will move KKD much higher. I have been previously watching for the reason that early 2000's, when, under then CEO Scott Livengood, the business tried aggressive growth with disastrous results. Though some blamed and may provide a carb Atkin's diet that is sweeping the land, anyone can not deny the stock fell almost 80% possesses yet to get better. I agree along with you, until KKD shows strong positive movement it's going to continue to swap a sideways direction. It's much better to get the donuts versus stock.