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01-04-2014, 06:55 AM
SP500 Dow Intraday Charts Futures Prices within their Best

The marketplace gapped higher today after yesterdays heavy selling. Now the market industry (metals and indexes) are trading at resistance on light volume. This tells me consumers are a bit spooked from yesterday and merely ought not buy at these lofty prices. .

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How can this be? I don be positive about this but my thoughts are which the smart money (big guys professional traders) manipulate the marketplace using futures to artificially affordable prices so they are able buy more the at affordable prices before the group jumps in. It similar using overturn in a bear market. Prices gap up in order to short more shares with a high price before everyone starts selling again pushing prices lower. So maybe something will happen made by this to get a short play Related to this short reports was valuable for finding a feeling of precisely how the market moves precisely what Now i am in search of in low risk setups.