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01-03-2014, 07:37 PM
Beijing Marathon Has Began

The Adidas cool running group cheers the Beijing Marathon with sprint and Rabbit, which lit the track. 2012 Beijing Marathon fired shots in Tiananmen Square in this morning, the sports apparel manufacturer Adidas not alone gave the Beijing Marathon sponsoring directly but probably organized "cool running group" involved in the game, this is a highlight with the stadium.

Six o 'clock each and every morning, when in front of Tiananmen Square at Beijing marathon start there've gathered a number of people, and lots of marathon lovers will be here to offer a bowloff. Of these people, Adidas Cool running group makes themselves shining. ニューバランス m1400 (http://www.aplin.com/images/nb574.html) Have continuous participated in the Beijing Marathon they not alone aims to spend time playing, additionally, they hope that through this activity, they may let running the but successful health exercise mode transfer much further.

And Berlin marathon in addition to marathon is simply not like Beijing marathon of numerous amateur players, and Adidas cool run team consists of these amateur players. At 8:30, in the starting of gun, the initial professional group of athletes deployed, even more contestants slowly ran in the place to begin considering the brigade. To chill run team together with other sparetime players, accumulating means happiness, and has it does not matter along with the end. To be able to assistant with every runner to be able to their marathon dream, Adidas http://www.aplin.com/images/nb574.html in the entry run within a special launched an obstacle task match sprint. That is certainly, the option ran almost from the http://fruitbomenkwekerij.nl/cs3.html same speed friends, form a major gang of running rhythm, with speed partners gives force to each other in order to complete the arduous marathon race to challenge personal limits. Master attended not alone challenge the complete marathon running, senior running friends of Adidas runners can be spontaneous to projects in the half marathon and 4.2 km Mini Marathon, as rabbit a variety of cool running group, companying the friends of the option to complete each challenge goals.

Organizers said they dream to be cool to run like this, it can also be driven through enthusiasm of most our sports loving people, also, the running make body strong and achieves full fitness.

It's understood that, ahead of addition of the annual Beijing Marathon, Adidas organized in Beijing and Shanghai Northern Horse training camp every weekends. While using the scientific method and hightech equipment for the majority of marathon enthusiasts, they interpret that how you can perform appropriate exercise under protection, you need to injury, thus allowed him experiencing the most pure road race and culture.7.8 2false.