View Full Version : Hard start issue

12-10-2008, 07:41 PM
Just rebuilt motor (97 legacy outback=2.5)
Having trouble pinning this problem down...
When cold, (but not always), but definitely after sitting atleast 2 days it will not start as easy as should, sometimes not at all. ie- I have to hold open the throttle, and key the ignition longer than usual, and hold the throttle to maintain 2500rpm a good 30sec after start before it will idle on its own, and even then it sputters and runs rough the next 5 mins before it evens out.
I suspected a crank sensor, so soon as it would idle, I shook every sensor accessable, and got CELs for 1,2,3,4 misfire and crank sensor bad. Normally I dont get a CEL, and today was the first day I noticed slight blue smoke from tailpipe...
Other issues are it leaks oil from cam covers, just a lil, only because im too lazy to take em back off and rtv em... i figured the *shiny new* gaskets would have been better than rtv- not so much.
Could the entire issue be oil leaking into spark plug port? Possible that I cracked the crank sensor plug as well on install...

anyone with the same experience?
my crank sensor is under the intake manifold, right?