View Full Version : ABS Warning light indicator

12-09-2008, 06:13 AM
Hi guys,

I just need some extra information from those who expert about this.

Here, I just want to ask some problem with my ABS Warning light (Subaru Legacy Sedan 1992).

Actually the warning light won't appear on the dashboard when I drive with 1-3 people in the car but if I bring with 5 people in the car (Full Loaded) the ABS indicator light will appear in the middle of the ride. Then when I stop my car engine and start again the light will disappear. Normally this thing happens when the car loaded with people if I just drive my car with 2 or 3 people the indicator light will not ON. (The light not always ON only when the car full-loaded with people)

From your point of view, do you know what is the problem with my ABS indicator light? If you do, what is the cause and is it expensive to fix it?