View Full Version : Are there any Subaru experts on Y/A? (UK)?

02-16-2008, 10:50 PM
Just wondering if there are any Subaru experts on yahoo answers? I've got a '97 Legacy GT-B twin turbo and have got a burning oil problem. Both rocker cover gaskets have been replaced and I still have the problem although it's not quite as bad. I've taken it back to the garage that replaced the gaskets and they think it's a perished 'O' ring above the oil cooler but as this is at a low point on the engine i can't see what the oil can be dripping on in order for it to burn. Any help would be very useful thanks....(genuine/sensible answers only please!)There's a smell of burning oil both outside the car and coming in through the air vents when i'm stationary. Also smoke coming from under the bonnet and from behind the near side headlight... Very very annoying, haven't checked the oil level as of yet as the rocker gaskets have only just been done. The car does not smoke from the exhaust when stationary or running..The problem is there is absolutely no space around the engine to try and see if there is a small leak, i've seen a couple of drips running down the sump when i'm parked up but that's about it, this is why i find it hard to believe that it's leaking from above the oil cooler..

02-19-2008, 10:50 AM
ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT THE SMELL OF BURNING OIL ,OR, ACTUAL LOSS OF ENGINE OIL ? A small oil leak onto a hot spot or the exhaust can be very annoying,but it is usually fairly easy to spot the cause,or source of the trouble.Have a good look at the exhaust manifold for signs of oil,check the exhaust system for signs,the cat as well,this gets extremely hot,but not on short runs.Check the exhaust system for holes blowing fumes into the cabin space.You will have to give any repair ,or,cure some time before the oil smell disappears,if ,in fact,it was the rocker gasket leaks that were burning on the engine or manifold and the fumes coming in through the ventilation and heating system ducts, then it will be a while before it clears up.I would jet wash the engine and look for signs of oil afterwards.

02-21-2008, 10:50 PM
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