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Winning Christian Photographer

By his very own account, Michael Belk has lived a blessed life As being a worldly fashion photographer, he has got been one of the better His work has appeared fashionable, Elle, GQ and Vanity Fair But that's a little section of what she has accomplished in his entire life

Combining his gift for photography with a natural sales sense, he's created advertising campaigns for many people wellknown names in your clothing industry For 30plus years, brand-new areas such as been the person behind you, the creative director as well as the account executive a onestop buy for fashion advertising

"It is actually intense," he admits that, "but experts agree it is a considerable amount of fun not as much about act as it's been about playing at something I really like traveling the globe and with lots of the truly great models and crews in your industry " Pretty good for your selftaught photographer who never pickedup a camera until he was 20 Born in Orlando and becoming an adult in Ocala, Michael was built with a different life envisioned for himself when photography snagged his soul "Working in retail clothing in college and college, We were focused on the clothing industry together with not a clue about photography "

But around his 20th birthday, he along with his brother hired a photographer friend to photograph them as a gift for their mother Michael had definite ideas and directed the "on location" photo shoot "I was intrigued by your entire process Bought a 35mm camera and started shooting pictures of virtually everything "

Every life has definitive milestones Without doubt one of Michael's was included only one semester residing in college, as he read anything about a dent to have a sales position with Gant Shirtmakers Gant was the clothing phenomena of the '60s and asmara nl/ug7 html]asmara nl/ug7 html a lot of a new job for the seasoned veteran, an excellent 22yearold novice Yet, Michael arranged interviews and somehow convinced Gant for taking an opportunity on him A couple weeks later, he was traveling for a sales executive But, he notes, "I always had my camera relating to the front seat at the side of me "

36 months later, while attending a Gant sales meeting, Michael was unimpressed along with the advertising agency presentation "I just didn't feel the company understood who we had arrived " Back home in Florida, he photographed friends wearing Gant samples and created images he felt portrayed the planning Gant needed Then, he took the images to Ny and presented the crooks to Gant's management and style staff They loved the style, moved their account to another location agency and resulted in a new campaign titled, "The Gant Attitude "

Having his "style" validated, Michael began photographing his entire sample line, using his friends as models At a makeshift darkroom, he made a book of 8 x 10 photographs for a visual aid when presenting the cloths line to retail clients "The solution to this presentation am strong, I began going through the very idea of creating these 'look books' for others thus to their salesmen " His business plan showed a great deal promise that they resigned from Gant and going to New York in August 1976

It was nip and tuck in the novice until he landed an account provider whose order exceeded usually the order by seven times As his business great reputation grew, Michael was asked if he could create printed brochures as well as the "look books " Eventually, this generated creating promotional initiatives "I would take up a company out on 'look books' and become their ad agency "

In 1989, he moved his company to Atlanta to your unexpected next milestone "We were around a $2 million company, doing great work for several small accounts " Russell Athletic, a place giant, purchased a type of accounts The executives at Russell liked the tasks Michael produced osteoporosis and asked him to "pitch" the advertising for starters with their larger divisions He won the account, and Michael Belk Company's business jumped 400 percent "We were cooking! Print campaigns, television commercials and, including a string of other accounts, I didn't feel in your house if you are not when using airplane or in a resort "

At 42, his life had great excitement, huge success, asmara nl/ug7 html]ugg ブーツ but hardly any substance "Outwardly, my entire life was full Inside, I'd been running on empty " Physically and emotionally, he ran from steam "You can redline your engine only so many times and mine had flamed out " asmara nl/nb8 html]asmara nl/nb8 html Michael found himself inside of a dark place "I kept thinking that Possible get myself because of this abyss, however just wasn't happening " Lying awake one evening, completely puzzled by his fate, Michael experienced a visitor

"You think back in the current things and wonder if they can happened, having said that i distinctly remember the absolute existence of God in my room He asked about easily wanted to keep doing things my way or maybe use them His way I knew that I couldn't eliminate this unaided, and saw that it was time to attempt His way " From that moment, Michael says, his life begun to change "It was still difficulties God did not have goal fixing all of it at a time " Above the next months (and years), incredible people came into his life, Michael says, all bringing information which would reshape his life into "the one God had intended for me all along "

In 1993, he thought to have a rest He closed his business, remaining an advisor on two accounts, began building his Englishstyle country home on 80 acres in North Georgia and began fixing an understanding for one book "I had this concept for creating a book that could be used as a traffic generation for one large company " He started writing and with appointments with industry giants Finally, Reebok, Kodak and Champion Sportswear opted for see him "Reebok liked the objective, Kodak was indifferent and, to my overwhelming surprise, Champion agreed to back the reasoning behind " Champion, with regard to Sara Lee, can be an Olympic sponsor that year and saw great potential in Michael's book, which could be only at them Ebook, "Beyond the Sport, The Victory Within," told inspirational stories of America's Winter Olympians, featuring greats for example Peggy Fleming, Scott Hamilton and Eric Heiden Michael but not just came up with the photographs, he wrote it as well Twentyfive thousand copies were sold

Yet, if he thought the publication with the book had overwhelmed him, it was actually nothing as opposed to being reunited using his collegesweetheart that very same year "It had to be divine intervention," he said "She was 400 miles away we hadn't seen her in over 21 years " If they met in Pensacola, Florida in April, it turned out love at second sight They knew right away what their future held where they were married five months later "Since Cheryl when i married, the two of us have raised exponentially in our relationship together with the Lord He can be the core of our everyday life together with the One that has blessed us so "

Michael and Cheryl spent a year building their North Georgia home But, after 4 years of living in a very remote area, they sold the farm and returned to their beloved North Florida Her two children, who Michael considers as his or her own, are grown and married, and Michael loves is the grandfather of four little boys

In recent times, although Michael's life has taken a way more contemplative turn, his schedule is simply hectic usually, having spent earlier times one and a half years creating Journeys Together with the Messiah "Although Journeys set in its infancy, I take into account it to occupy lots of in the future There's a lot of directions sometimes it can go " He looks back on his life for incredible journey one jam packed with lessons learned