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The brand new closedend fund will enable pension fund investors to join inside a favorable market through equity ownership of timberland managed by Wachovia's experienced forestry professionals.

"The Wachovia Balanced Timberland Fund can provide a diversified portfolio of emerging, established and mature growth forests," said Jon P. Caulfield, Wachovia's forest economist. "Because forests grow at different rates throughout their life-cycle, with corresponding returns and risks in every stage, this investment strategy will offer competitive returns and reduced risk. timber markets ニューバランス 996 (http://pilotinfo.tv/New_airline_folder/nb1.html) to scale back rate risk."

Depending on Caulfield, this diversification will help mitigate other potential risks related to timberland. Get hold of, timber losses can happen from severe weather, insects, disease, drought and fire.

"By http://prenten-ben.nl/cs2.html making an investment in noncontiguous tracts and diversified markets, Wachovia reduces potential losses from catastrophic events," Caulfield said.

The emerging and established growth sections of the fund have a Ten year investment horizon, and the fund term is set for any period. Mature growth trees will likely be sold during the entire fund's 10year term, as favorable http://prenten-ben.nl/cs2.html market opportunities arise.

"Projections to the timberland investment market look especially attractive during the next Fifteen to twenty years from an amazing lowering of the disposable way to obtain timber from both private and non-private lands," Caulfield said.

Wachovia Timberland Investment Management, a division of Wachovia Trust Services, provides timberland investment and management services for institutional and individual clients of Wachovia Corporation's (NYSE: WB) member banks. Total timberland investments are approximately $300 million including a lot more than 250,000 acres while in the Southeast also, the Midwest. banking company providing proprietary timberland investment funds possesses gone through the timberland investment and management business since 1981.

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/CONTACT: Nancy P. Lovelace of Wachovia Corporation, 9107705696/CO: Wachovia For Moravian settlements in , see .

Wachovia Corporation (NYSE: WB), headquartered in Charlotte, New york, could be the third largest banking chain in the country dependant on total deposits. Timberland Investment Management; Wachovia Corporation

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